Aluminum Clad PCB Special

**New and Exclusive Pricing**


Aluminum Clad Special (IMS)

$99 Each

1 Layer - 10 Day Turn

Maximum Board Size: 25 square Inches
Minimum Order Quantity: 3
.062" Aluminum Clad Material
2 Ounce Finished Copper
Lead Free Solder Surface Finish
LPI Soldermask Included (Green, Blue, Black, Red, Purple, White, Clear)*
Silk Screen Included (White, Black or Yellow)*
Custom Shape
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*Advanced Circuits will choose the color of the soldermask and silkscreen for your aluminum PCB project.

Aluminum Clad PCB Special Specifications/Requirements for Special Pricing Options:

  • Minimum 0.007" line/space.
  • No internal routing (cut-outs). No slots or overlapping drill hits.
  • No scoring, tab rout, or drilled hole board separations.
  • No controlled impedance/dielectric.
  • No countersinks/counterbores/castellated holes.
  • No cavities/controlled dept
  • Minimum 0.030" hole size. Maximum 50 drilled holes per sq. inch.
  • All holes non-plated.